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Custom Travel Experiences

Custom Travel Experiences

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

Overwhelmed by the amount of information involved in planning a good trip?  Don’t have the hours needed to come up with an original itinerary but want to avoid the same ‘Top 10 Must-Sees’ that everyone else will see?  Let me weed though the vast amount of information and plan for you, a personalized itinerary that you are guaranteed to enjoy!

create Memories, not migraines.

Start from scratch, or choose from my customizable trip templates below.

Walk The Great Wall

Hike along the rolling mountains in this quiet section of the Great Wall.  Explore Beijing, China’s wondrous temples and gardens.  Discover the best street food the city has to offer and dine in some of the best authentic Chinese restaurants.  Get out of the city for a few nights and hike one of China’s Sacred Mountains or enjoy a visit in a Chinese Village. 

Hike Glaciers In Iceland

Take on some of the adventure Iceland has to offer!  Hike one of the many glaciers and try your hand at Ice Climbing.  Snorkel between tectonic plates in crystal clear water and slink along a lava tunnel while learning about Icelandic folklore.  Finish this exciting trip with a soak in the world famous Blue Lagoon of go to one of the 1000’s of lesser known hot-springs in this land of Fire and Ice.

Trek on Kilimanjaro

Push your mind and body to the limit and attempt to summit the Roof of Africa.  Take a journey to the Serengeti National Park and join a safari.  Explore Tanzanian towns and villages as you discover the area in and around Mount Kilimanjaro.

Witness Life on the Ganges

Take in the wondrous sights and smells in this incredible Indian City- Varanasi.  Try a Yoga class, take a sunset ride on the Ganges and witness the many scared traditions that go on at the banks of the Ganges River.

Ride the Rails of the Transiberian Railway

Gaze out the window at the ever-changing landscape as you clack along the rails crossing Siberia and into the Gobi Desert.  Discover the vast and beautiful country of Mongolia on your way as you take a break from the rails and sleep in a countryside Yurt. Explore the Kremlin in Moscow, ride Mongolian Horses in wide open spaces, and get lost in the crowds of Beijing- this trip has it all!

Hidden Treasures of Prague and Czech Republic

See one of Europes most gorgeous capital cities while discovering the bests places to eat and hang out that only locals will know.  Venture into the Czech countryside to discover wild landscapes, beautiful villages, a church decorated with bones and so much more!

Balkan Highlights

Take an adventure by car or bus around the beautiful and less touristy, Balkan Peninsula.  Get the local narrative behind the break up of Yugoslavia,  discover beautiful abandon places and relax on beaches with crystal clear water.  Dine on some of the most delicious food in Europe- the Balkan Peninsula really has it all!

Slovenia Adventure

Get your adrenaline fix as you discover this small country’s huge hub for adventure sports.  From Rafting on the crystal clear Soca River, to Canyoning, to Summiting Mountains -this country has everything for an outdoor lover.  Feeling really brave? Zip across canyons on one of Europes largest ziplines!

European Christmas

Explore the fairy tale Christmas Markets of central Europe.  Sip on Gluhwein as you stroll along the hundreds of beautifully decorated stalls selling hand made Christmas trinkets.  Drive down beautiful Bavarian roads with mountain views stopping in villages to see their local Christmas traditions.

No Distance Is too Far

I have been organizing life-changing trips  in Europe, Asia and North America for over 8 years!  I specialize in Adventure Trips, European Destinations and most recently Travelling with Children.  



Seas and Oceans

Neuschwanstein Castle 

Bavaria, Germany

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Sofia, Bulgaria

Alexander The Great

Skopje, Macedonia 

Chain Bridge

Budapest, Hungary

Life on the Wall

The Great Wall of China

Chaos, Colour and Curry

Jodhpur, India

Gothic Gate

Adršpach Rocks, Czech Republic

Night Life

Kenting, Taiwan 

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*Two revisions included with each package. Additional revisions will be subject to an additional fee of 10 Euro per day. 

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*Two revisions included with each package. Additional revisions will be subject to an additional fee of 10 Euro per day. 

**Price is per day for up to 4 travelers, additional travelers are 5 Euro per person per day)

***Please note at this time bookings are only possible with your credit card

Happy Travellers

thumb_03_60_60Rich & Hayley

Whitby, Ontario

“My girlfriend Hayley and I wanted to plan a trip through Europe to celebrate our seven year (dating) anniversary. Sarah not only helped us to plan the trip but she also helped me pick the best spot to propose. Not only did we get the trip of a lifetime, but Hayley said YES!”


Adelaide, Australia

“Sarah knew just where to get the best Smoked Meat sandwiches in Montreal and the very best place to eat them with an unbelievable view of the city! Our trip highlights include; Niagara Falls, local experience of a Canadian cottage on the lake, Lake Louise, line dancing class in Calgary. Sarah has an amazing travel repertoire and a keen eye for unique experiences – I would whole-heartedly recommend her to plan another trip for me! “


Quebec, Canada

“Sarah gave us awesome spots to visit and have a coffee to feel as if we were locals. Tourist spots are great, but the unknown areas are what I love the most. The rooftop patio with a view of the city and Castle were amazing as well. Prague altogether is an amazing city. So many beautiful sights were seen in some a short time thanks to Sarah’s recommendations. I would definitely recommend Sarah and MyTinerary Travel!”


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With almost 15 years of personal travel experience I can help you plan the the trip of a lifetime with your spouse, best friend or small group.  At the pace you want and locations you choose, I can make sure you don’t miss a thing!

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With almost 6 years of planning adventure travel for large groups (even up to 150 people!) I know exactly how to take care of group travel logistics.  On top of that, planning travel suitable for children has recently become my specialty.

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